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    RPG Rules

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    .:* The Rules *:.

    Hogwarts Portus is a role-playing game (RPG) board. The purpose is for members to start as First Years and work their way up through the years until they graduate after their Seventh Year and become Adults. Role-playing is to be done as realistically as possible to help keep the game fun and exciting for everyone. No one likes a first year with super-magical powers that rival a seventh year. Everyone starts from square one as an eleven-year-old witch or Wizard and work their way up through passing classes and graduating. Hogwarts Portus follows book canon, not movie canon.

    Starting Year: 2030
    Current Year: 2031

    .RPG Guidelines.

    All usernames must have first and last names only. No exceptions. No double last names, no middle names, or anything else that will make your name longer than two words. If we notice your username has three names, we will delete one of them. If you want to change your username, please contact the Headmistress who will be delighted to help you.
    Example: John Smith
    Not Okay: irock849

    New Students
    All new members will start out as new students until they become sorted. To become sorted, please fill out The Sorting Hat in the Great Hall. Some time before the break ends, you will be sorted into one of four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. This will be your new home for the remainder of your Hogwarts years. Once the Sorting Hat decides your house, there will be no changes.

    Student Profile
    Each student is allowed to have a Student Profile. Under the "Student Profiles" board, you can find two posts that explain the rules concerning making your Student Profile and a format to follow when posting your profile. First Years post their student profile in the "First Year Profiles" board and when they graduate to Second Year, their profile gets moved to the "Second Year Profiles" board.

    Everyone begins as an eleven-year-old child who is normal. You do not have super powers. You cannot read minds. You are not diseased nor mentally insane. You can have opinions and tastes and personality, but you cannot do anything special others can't do.

    However, there are no half-breeds here. This isn't Twilight with vampire/human relationships or werewolves (because as Lupin said, his kind don't breed often). Your Lineage must be believeable or we'll come edit it for you and make you related to weird people.

    Multiple Accounts
    Members are only allowed one account. This will be checked through e-mail address and IP address. If you have a sibling who shares a computer with you, you may get special permission from the Headmistress to have a second account. However, more than that or without permission, all multiple accounts will be banned without notice or inquiry. It is your responsibility to inform the Headmistress should you have a need for a second account.

    Signatures & Avatars
    We do allow students to have a signature and avatar. We do expect all images and phrases to be appropriate for all ages. Signatures may be no bigger than 600x250 and avatars no bigger than 100x100. Please, no animations! That slows down the board for everyone.

    Your avatar will show up automatically after you add it. Your signature, however, won't. For your signature to show up in your posts, you must go to Profile -> Preferences and click "YES" to "Always attach my signature."

    Personal pictures are NOT allowed and will be deleted if you are found using a personal picture in your avatar or signature. Personal pictures are pictures of you, family, friends, pets, etc. This is to protect you and your identity and keep people from trying to find you in real life.

    Posting on Boards


    All students are allowed to post topics in any board that they can access (except classrooms). Topics can be about anything related to Hogwarts and student characters, but the topics must be canon, believable, and age-appropriate.

    Since almost every board allows everyone to create threads and reply to them, we've had a problem that we call 'thread-jacking.' This is when two or more people create a thread so that they can have a conversation together and a third, uninvited person jumps into the conversation. It's no one's fault that this happens, but now that this problem has been made aware of, we have adopted a system to take care of it:

    Topic Title: -Subject of the Thread-
    Description: OPEN (meaning anyone can post), CLOSED (meaning no one else can post), or EXCLUSIVE (example: Amy & Ophelia Only, Second Year Only, Slytherins Only, etc)


    Topic Title: Strolling Down the Corridor
    Description: OPEN

    Topic Title: Sitting By the Lake
    Description: CLOSED

    Topic Title: Studying for Charms
    Description: Joe, Penny, & Wyatt Only

    Topic Title: Exploding Snaps Game
    Description: Ravenclaws Only

    So, now that you got the picture, we expect everyone to adhere to the wishes of the thread-maker. Any thread-jacking from here on out will be punished. However, any descriptions left empty will be treated as an OPEN conversation where anyone can talk.


    The minimum words per post is 50 words. All students are expected to write thoughtful, quality posts. This means posts should include writing about the character's thoughts, memories, amusements, etc. along with your character talking and any actions. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected. If we notice that you are only writing to meet the minimum post count, we will delete your thread and send you a warning.

    GOOD Example:

    It was dark when Amy finally reached her office just off of the seventh floor. The staff meeting was finally over having gone on much longer than Amy expected thanks to Professor Malfoy and his lecture on detentions. It seemed like that was a passion of his and something that Amy knew she would need to keep tabs on for the following year. Just when she was about to collapse into her chair, she heard a cough behind her. This didn't surprise her much since her desk was surrounded by portraits of previous Headmasters and Headmistresses, but the tone of the cough was one she recognized--and dreaded.

    "The Minister of Magic would like to see you, Professor," the portrait announced.

    BAD Example:

    Amy walked into her office. She saw her best friend, Kaitlyn, there. "Hey, what's up!" she cried, hugging her friend. "I can't believe school is here! Finally! What classes are you taking? I'm taking Divination, Ancient Runes, and Transfiguration. This year is going to be so much fun! I'm just so excited!"

    The difference between the posts? In the first post, I put a lot of thought into it--I remarked on my day, on the meeting I just had, referencing something that happened and how I felt about it. The second post? I wrote that in three seconds and it says nothing about my character except that she's a ditz, is taking some classes, and has a best friend named Kaitlyn. If I were Kaitlyn, I would avoid Amy at all costs because she's going to make me look like an idiot, too.

    Spamming on boards is prohibited. Spamming includes double posting, making posts that are entirely off-topic, not posting enough words, writing topics that are not canon, not following the Hogwarts/magical theme, or posting gibberish that doesn't make sense. Please read the Disciplinary Policy to find out what happens to people who spam.

    Galleons is the currency for the Wizarding World. At Hogwarts Portus, you can earn Galleons by simply posting. For every post, you get 1 Galleon. You can use Galleons to buy a pet, books, school supplies, etc. in Diagon Alley during the break.


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