Final Grades for the entire year



    Final Grades for the entire year

    Post by Guest on Sat 04 Sep 2010, 07:12

    Outstanding wrote:Samantha Quill
    Raven Drake

    Indiana Lamperouge
    Will Black
    Mary McNeely
    Exceeds Expectations wrote:Reina Nox
    Harmony Lupin, Jasmeet Kaur
    Cassopeia Marling
    Dimitri Krum

    Acceptable wrote:Catherine Black, Hilary Ayres, Dixie Evans
    Alice Caelum
    Naty Valencia
    Alexandria Black

    Poor wrote:Shelby Thomas
    Lauren Potter

    Dreadful wrote:Alexandra Black
    Alycia Moreau
    Shannon Granger, Yuki Lestrange, Vanessa Lopez, Zoe Carter

    Troll wrote:Tsuki Lestrange, Aubrianna Thomas, Irene Mitchell, Tsuki Zabini, Yuki Cross, Hailey Malfoy

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