Sending a letter...



    Sending a letter...

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    Melissa wandered into the owlry, a letter clutched in her hand. She called up to one of the school owls and it flew down to her. She quickly attached the letter and murmured, "Can you take this to my dad? He's a muggle, so you might want to wait around for him to send his reply."

    The owl hooted agreement and flew off through the open windows.

    Melissa watched it leave. She had just barely arrived, but had so much to tell her dad, already.

    When the owl was out of sight, she turned and left the owlry.


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    Raven walked into the owlery and looked over the owls. Choosing one he pulled out the letters he'd written. "Hey, there," he said to a beautiful tawny owl. "Could you take these to my folks? Mum lives in Bristol. No idea where Dad is."


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    Will, for once, soberly walked up to the Owlry, carrying a bit of parchment and a quill.

    Looking out one of the large windows, he ignored the hooting owls in favor of the letter sent to him during breakfast.


    Madam Parkinson has informed me that you and Allen are not getting along. If you know what's good for you, I highly suggest that you gain him as an ally. I have also been informed of you cohorting with mudbloods and half-breeds. This is inexcusable. Rectify this immediately.

    I have sacrificed much for you, despite that woman's blood in your veins, William. Be lucky you haven't been disowned because of it. Do not disappoint me and have me regret it.

    I expect your next owl to be one that has rectified these problems.

    Lacerta Black

    Will spun the quill between his fingers, contemplating his response. Everything she expected him to do was the total opposite.


    Allen Parkinson does not desire any allegiance with me, despite my hand of friendship, he misinterpreted it as a sign of hostility.
    (Parkinson was too thick to understand pureblood customs.)

    However, I am trying to make him see this error. Though it seems futile. (He's a total prat, so I didn't bother explaining it to him.)

    Naturally, I seek some sort of comfort from half-bloods like myself. (Those of 'unnatural' blood were more interesting to talk to.)

    The only reason it seems I'm in the company of mudbloods are because they are friends with my half-blood friends. (Total lie. I think muggleborns are a pretty cool bunch.)

    I am in the House of Ravenclaw, which is not my intention. The Sorting Hat chose it for me. (Ravenclaw rocks. Sorting hat knows me well.)

    I understand your sacrifices for me and I hope you are doing well. (I hope you aren't mad that Hades pissed all over your witch hazels before we left. If you are, I'm sure you won't say it in a letter.)

    I await your next owl. (You don't have to write back anytime soon.)

    William Black


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    Rebecca walked up to the owlery. Her father had tried to talk her into getting an Owl instead of a cat but she wanted Jasper. There were school Owls she could use and her parents had Owls they could use to send her messages.

    She found a nice looking Owl sitting by itself on a perch. She raised her hand out to it and it flew to her. She attached the letter to the Owls leg. She petted the Owl before speaking to it.

    "Can you plase take this to mom and dad, they live in Dublin. The address is right on the letter. Make sure that Mom gets the letter. Dad will set it down and forget about it, please?"

    The Owl flew off of Rebecca's hand and out of the window. Rebecca knew that it would take several days for her parents to reply. They had a busy life.


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    Rushing up to the owlery, she stopped to take a few breaths. Oh Merlin was it hard running up all those stairs all the time! She peered over her letter for the last time before sending it.

    Dearest Mother,

    I am penning(or is it 'quilling'? No matter.)this letter to you, for a personal reason. Have you talked to Aunt Marie yet? Do not be swayed by her so called 'logic' about arranged marriages! I know how stubborn you can be(even kicking father out of the bed for a few months when he mentioned it), but Auntie has a way with words. Do not agree to anything she says! It will be rather dastardly, and I do not want to dishonor the family name by not agreeing to such a...horrid thing. I await your next letter.

    Harmonious Jane Lupin

    Harmony nodded to herself, handing the letter off to a regal black owl. "As fast as you can, alright?" She asked the owl, who just hooted in response, and took off out the window.


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    Reina strolled into the owlry and looked around. She had been tempted to get a snowy white owl for herself, but Irish had stolen her heart, even though everyone in her family had their own distinct owl. But it was easier, that way she knew who the letters were from before she opened them. Besides, there were plenty of owls here, one of them was bound to stand out.

    She was instantly drawn to the small snowy white owl. She stroked her feathers for a moment before taking out her letter.

    I was sorted into Ravenclaw! I'm so happy that we were right about my house. Perhaps rather unfortunately, there is only one Ravenclaw boy in my year, however. You'll never guess who it is, Will Black, Lecerta's grandson. I couldn't believe it either. The girls in my house are wonderfully engaging and I do believe I will get along with most of them. I've also made a few friends in other houses. Harmony Lupin is in my house and I simply love her. Also, Rezika Lupin, whose a Hufflepuff. There is one girl, Amelia, she's a Slytherin, but she's by no means exemplifying of Slytherin personality. Oh, and you'll never guess this one, there is a muggle-born in Slytherin this year. The purebloodists are going bonkers over it. My classes are going well, so far, of course I've only had first lessons. I have so much more to tell you, and not enough parchment to do so. My new orange kitten, Irish, is a great comfort to me. Tell Father and Stepfather that I am doing my best to uphold the family name here, and I will make them proud. And say hi to Torin and Selena and little Thor, and to Demetri and Genevieve (make sure I get an owl about their wedding), and to Cedric.
    I love you, Mom
    your Raven, Queen of Night

    Reina rolled up the letter and handed it to the Owl. "Take this to Athena Nox in Dublin, and give it only to her, not to Valerian Black or to Octavius Malfoy." She petted the owl's feathers and watched her fly away.

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    Catherine skidded to a halt in the owlery doorway. Aunt Bea would probably kill her! She had been meant to write asap, but she'd been so distracted. She sat on the floor, leaning on the wall, twiddling her quill.

    "Hey Aunt Bea!

    "I know I said I'd write as soon as I got here... well I'm sorry. I did MEAN to. You know. I just got distracted. Anyway, I got sorted into Ravenclaw! Uncle Stephen so told you so! Speaking of uncle Stephen when's he going to pop the question MISS Black?

    "Lessons are ineteresting and the library is FANTASTIC! You wouldn;t believe it- or maybe you would considering what your boyfriend *coughfianceecough* tells us.

    "The people here are really nice- it's fantastic! A lot of my friends are Gryffindors and Vanessa is here too! It's great! There's this really nice girl called Harmony in Ravenclaw- so I HAVE made friends within my house. So much for Stephhy-poos doubts that anyone studious could stand me. Kick him for me will you? Pretty please with Lindt on top?

    "There's only one guy in our house! His name's Will Black- d'you know if he's any relation? A few people have asked. And on a complete tangent I would sell my soul for some chocolate. You know you love me right?

    "Send my love to Roger and Stephen!
    "-Catarina Morgana Black
    "(P.S. Adolf wasn't a mistake! Told you so!)"

    Cathy knew Her Aunt would get the pitchforks out for all the insinuations there, which probably meant her chances of a couple of bits of Lindt had just gone down the plug hole, but she couldn't resist. Also the whole extending her name thing was childish, but her Aunt did it, so she could.

    She beckoned down a school owl who obediently perched on her arm. "Can you take this to my Aunt Beatrice Black in inner London please? You won't need to hang round, Steve will probably send Duke." She smiled as the owl took off and exited the owlery at a much calmer rate than she had entered it.


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    Rezika hurried into the owlry, mentally kicking herself for not sending a letter to her parents sooner. She leaned against the wall, fished out a piece of parchment, and began to write.

    Dear Mum, Dad, and Todd,
    Hogwarts is so amazing! I've been sorted into Hufflepuff, like you were, Dad! I haven't been getting too lost around the castle, and I've even made some friends!
    The classes haven't been too difficult. They've been so fascinating, and the professors here really are good.
    Dad, weren't you and Grandpa friends with the Potter's? I befriended one of them here. She's really a lovely girl and mentioned that she thought some of her relatives were friends with our family.
    I wish you could see this, Mum! It's beautiful. My shyness has almost disappeared.
    Todd, you are going to love Hogwarts next year. I wish I could describe it, everything about it, but it's impossible.

    Hope to hear from you all!


    Then, finding a suitable barn owl, Rezika gave it the letter. "Can you deliver this to my parents, please? Their address is on the envelope." The owl blinked, understanding her, then took off. Rezika watched it for several moments until it vanished, then she left the owlry.


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    Hilary had made it up to the owlery without getting lost once! She couldn't wait to tell her sister everything that had happened so far. She opened up the letter in her hand, reading it over to make sure everything sounded okay.

    Dear Emma,

    This place is amazing! First of all, it's huge, and everything moves around when you're not looking. Needless to say, I've spent more of my time here lost than doing anything else.

    I got sorted into Ravenclaw! Remember when we were looking in my books, the house with the bird? Yeah, that one. Everyone is really nice, and it's nice to just sit in the common room and talk to people. Oh, and there's only one boy in Ravenclaw. We think it's funny.

    I've been learning tonnes in my classes. I find History of Magic to be the most interesting, even though everyone says it's supposed to be the most boring. We talked about the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter today.

    How are you doing? Is Dad doing okay? Is he sleeping and eating, or just working all the time? Write me back soon!


    Content with her letter, she found an owl, attached the letter to it's leg and sent it out the window. She watched as it disappearing into the sky, wondering what her sister would think when an owl delivered her a letter.


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    Dixie called her owl, Camilla, over to her. "Camilla, get yourself over here!" Dixie fondly petted the owl, who nibbled her earring. Laughing, Dixie read over the letter she was sending to her little brother. Sending a letter to her brother before her parents, but her parents were actually glad to get rid of her.

    Dear Misael,
    Hogwarts is incredible! I can't believe I am a witch! I cannot wait until you're eleven, that way, we could hang out together. They placed this talking hat (yes, I just wrote talking) on my head and sorted me into a house. Slytherin is full of purebloods, but I have a decent friend named Raven Drake in there. Vamos a ser una trampa a el oy, y no puedo esperar! Aaaanyways, Ravenclaw has really smart people in there, and I have two friends, Harmony (harmy) Lupin, and Will Black. In Gryffindor, my friend Irene is in there. Gryffs are quite brave, and the in the 2nd, they already have 30 house points taken away, and a few of them got a detention. I ended up in Hufflepuff, and I am apparently 'fair and loyal and stuff' Me? In there? Yeah, I think the hat is probably getting messed up with age. Anyways, I really miss messing with Mrs. Barons house...
    Bye, will send you an owl later!

    Love, your big Sis, Dixie Evans

    Dixie tied the letter to Camillas foot.
    "You know where to go!" Camilla hooted, and flew off.


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    Mini walked up to the owlrey, careful not to bump into anyone or walk into any owls. She had never been in this room in the castle yet, and she had to admit, she was a little excited. She found a school owl, since she didn't have one herself and put her piece of parchment on the wall beside it.

    "But who to write to?" Mini asked the owl. It hooted in response. "You're right! I shall write to Aunt Edie." She said, an almost sad effect to her voice. She began to write.

    Dear Aunt Edie,
    Wonderful news. I've arrived at Hogwarts and it was exactly as you had described! Absolutely exquisite. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, just as you said I would, and I have to admit, I was doubting you. I've never seen myself as clever or anything of the sort. All is well here! The food is phenomenal! Send my best to Dad, and give mum this flower and make sure she knows it's from me! Love you.

    Mini sighed, rolled up the parchment and bound it to the flower. She bound the flower and the parchment to the beautiful eagle owl. She watched it as it flew off and made her way to back to the common room.


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    Hilary opened the letter from her sister, reading it for the fifth or sixth time. Having heard from her sister gave her the connection to home she hadn't really had since she arrived at Hogwarts.

    Dear Hilary,

    I'm so jealous! Hogwarts sounds so cool. Have you been to the lake? Did you learn to fly? Have you ventured into the Forbidden Forest yet? (Dad bought a book on Hogwarts when you were off getting your wand. So that we'd be able to talk to you about it, he said.)

    I'm doing okay. My basketball team came second in our tournament, and I got MVP. SChools' going okay, too. Probably boring compared to what you're doing. I hope I get to go to Hogwarts when I'm 11!

    Dad's okay. He doesn't like it that you're not home. He's been sleeping, not much, but he is. He says that you being away makes it easier for him to remember Mom and that she's gone, since you were the one always dragging him out to do things.

    I love you, and I miss you. Send me something cool from Hogwarts!


    Hilary smiled. Pulling out some parchment and a quill, she replies,


    I go to the lake everyday. I love it down there, and the weather's been so nice here. And it's a great place to study and meet people. I haven't seen the giant squid yet, though. I'm almost tempted to go in there looking for him! And I did learn to fly. My friend Orietta taught me!

    And I didn't go into the Forbidden Forest, and thank God I didn't! A bunch of first years got in a tonne of trouble for being in there. I don't think anyone will be going back any time soon.

    Congrats on getting MVP! See, I told you if you worked hard enough, it would pay off! And maybe you will get to go to Hogwarts. It would be nice to have you here.

    Tell Dad I love him, and get him to take you out. He does better when he gets away from the house and away from work.

    I miss you, and I love you,

    She attached the small box of chocolate frogs to the back of the letter. Hopefully that would keep her sister entertained for a while. She picked an owl, tied the letter and parcel to it's leg and watched it fly off into the horizon.


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    Entering the Owlery, Indiana took out a sheet of parchment, a quill, and a small empty jar that he had found in his House's common room. Taking the uncut lemons that he had saved from his dinner, the youth sliced them open with his pocketknife before extracting the juices into the jar until he had all of it. Taking his quill and dipping the tip into the lemon juice that would serve as invisible ink, Indiana began to write his letter.













    Satisfied with his handiwork, Indiana sealed the letter that was addressed to May, his older sister, before handing it to an owl, who flew off into the sky.

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    Harmony headed up to the Owlery once more to mail a letter. She had gotten a letter of reply from her mother, and she pulled it out of her pocket to read it again.

    My Harmonious,

    Your Aunt is trying to petition to take the head of family from your father for her own husband. You know what will happen if she succeeds. Enjoy your time there because if we lose the Head of family, then you know exactly what you lose. I'll let you know of any recent development when I can.


    Harmony wrinkled her nose in disgust before handing the beautiful owl her letter. "Lupin Manor. Jane Lupin. Nobody else."

    She watched as she owl flew off. Smiling, she headed out of the owlery.


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    Alexandra entered the owlry, a letter clutched tightly in her hand. She glanced up at the rows upon rows of owls, an amber eye glaring at her here and there. She looked up and spotted her snowy owl, Casper, nestled at the top. "Casper!" she called, and he came down to her in a clatter of wings. "This is for mom and dad, okay?" she told him. He hooted softly in agreement, and she began to tie her letter to his leg, which read:

    Dear Mom and Dad,
    Guess what? I've been sorted into Ravenclaw!! I know it's not Gryffindor like you were in Mom, but I don't think you or Dad are very surprised. Hogwarts is wonderful and I'm enjoying all my classes, though some are a bit difficult. I'm making some new friends and the girls in my house are lovely. Write back soon, Alexandra.

    Once she was done, Casper hooted again and flew out the open window. Alexandra stood at the window, watching him fly off.


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    Cat reentered the owlery once more. It was so nice here. She had the package she wanted to send, but what should she write with it? She twiddled her quill, before eventually putting it to parchment.

    "Dear Rodge,

    "Hope you're well and have a pen on you. I'll ask the owl to hang round till you reply. How are you feeling? Are you ok? Are you getting enough to eat? There's a couple of savoury pies in the package with the book I've been meaning to lend you. You should read it. It's quite interesting. And yes I did get the book worm house. Stop laughing you sod.

    "Lessons are fascinating. Stop laughing! I know you, now stop mocking me! But seriously, it's all really interesting. I wrote a letter to Knees and got a reply from both her and Oui telling me that I was a disrespectful prat. Yes I know they're right. Don't shake your head at me like that.

    "Adolf is coming along quite nicely. Keeps making a break for it though- so he is now Adolf Houdini. I've met some really nice people, and somehow picked up the nickname of Cat (Don't you DARE!) (I am SERIOUS!) (NO comments about curiosity.)

    "Reply. If not, I'll assume you're dead and I'll have to kill you.

    "(Stop shaking your head. I mean it.)"

    Cat looked around for an owl that would do the job. A small brown owl of indeterminable species flew down and perched next to her. She tied the package and letter to the owl, whispering to it. "Take this to Roger in inner London, right? Hang around around the mulberry tree, he should come by there. You'll want to hang around- I want a reply." The bird hooted and took off.


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    Jennifer strode into the owlery looking for her snowy owl, Sariah. She pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote:
    Dear Mum and Dad,
    Hogwarts is great! I have a lot to tell you but I'll keep it short this time. I've made a lot of new friends. Lizzie is my closest friend, but I've met two Jennifers in my House as well. Theresa is a girl in Hufflepuff, she's really into muggles. I have yet to ask her if she wants to start a club with me.
    One a more important note, Dad you must go talk to that crazy Aunt Marie of yours. She's trying to force Harmony into an arranged marriage. She's my favorite cousin (though don't tell anyone they might get jealous)and I don't want her to get hurt. Your dear brother isn't helping matters either.
    I hope this letter finds you well, say hi to Liz and Megan and Sean for me!
    Love Jennifer
    She sighed hoping to help her cousin. Her father, as the second oldest had a little bit of say but not a lot. His family wasn't pleased he married a muggle. Jennfier called for Saraiah, She flew down and allowed Jennifer to tie the letter to her leg.
    "Stay safe," Jennifer whispered to the owl as it took off.


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    Dixie walked into the Owlry, wrinkling her nose a bit at the smell, but looking for her owl.
    Suddenly, Camilla, her owl, flew straight at her.
    Seeing that it was her owl, she felt a bit foolish. Her owl sat on a perch, hooting.
    In it's outstretched foot was a poorly folded piece of notebook paper.

    [i] Dear Pixie Stix,
    Le isiste la trampa a tu amigo?? Pues no te quedas ati, dime lo que paso!! Te reganaron??
    Hablo in Engles? Ha, how is Hegwerts? Did you really see a unicorn? Have you wet the bed lately? Do your shoes still fit? Have you been caught digging for gold? The beauty of this system is that you can't come home and kill me. Hehe. Have you made any friends? If you have, then that's a true miracle! Do your teachers like you? Who am I kidding? Course they don't.
    Hope you don't stay safe!

    With no love,
    Misael: The legend [i]

    Dixie rolled her eyes, but carefully folded up her letter, and put it in her pocket.
    She really did miss her brother.

    He was lucky she wasn't home.


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    Raven looked for the owl he used last time. His mum had liked her. Spotting it he went over and asked it to deliver another letter to his mother. Then grinning, found the most foul tempered pwl and had it deliver to Lawr's mom. As an after thought he wondered if Lawr even wrote to his mother yet.


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    Dixie walked in, with her letter to her evil little brother.
    The cheek that boy had! Dixie hadn't seen a unicorn, wet the bed in seven years, or been, as he put it 'digging for gold'. Last time she checked, it was HIM comitting the act.
    She saw Raven, and walked back out.


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    'Have a bad feeling about this." Indiana thought to himself as he reached the Owlery before placing the grimoire and the notepad into a packaged box and then writing a small letter.




    He then attached the packaged box and letter to an owl, whispering the destination in its ear before watching it fly off.


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    Will returned to the owlry again to send off another owl. This time to his friend in Durmstrang, Landon DiMarco. They haven't talked much and he figured he ought to rectify that.

    He paused, wondering what to write.


    How's your third year there? I hear they resort to physical punishments when you reach that year. Knowing your tendencies for trouble, you must have a sore arse right now.

    But this wasn't what he really wanted to ask. Fidgeting slightly, he decided to finish the true reason why he was writing to him.

    My wand isn't working, Landon. It's gone cold ever since I started on charms. Everything else it works, Transfiguration and DADA. Am I just plain rubbish at it? You seem to know a bit on wandwork, seeing as you want to follow your dad's footsteps. You might know something I don't.


    Will Black

    Satisfied, he sent the letter using a brown owl.


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    Jennifer had gone to the owlery every day to see if Saraiah had returned. She was just about to leave when the bird flew the open window and landed on her shoulder, a letter in her beak.
    "Thank Saraiah, go have a rest." Jennfier said taking the letter and petting her owl. The owl took off and Jennifer opened her letter.
    Dearest Jennifer,
    I am glad to hear school is going well. I want all the details in your next letter. As for Aunt Marie, I don't think Harmony has to worry for a long while. Her mother is standing up to her quite well. Your sisters and brother miss you greatly and they can't wait until break.
    With Love From,
    YOur Father
    It was a start at least.


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    Yuki walked into the owlry thinking it was about time she send a letter back home she hadnt spoken to them in so long and was really starting to miss her old home, Cross Academy. She looked around looking for a owl that looked strong and would be able to fly all the way back to Japan. She decided on a large creamy brown owl.

    Dear Kaien
    Yeah Kaien i know youve told me to call you farther for the last like 7 years but it still doesnt really feel right calling you that even though your my adopted farther. Any way im having a great time here but i cant help missing Cross Academy. How are the Day Class and the Night Class doing with out me as their "Guardian"?
    Iv only learnt a couple of spells so far but i still seem to find myself up at night a lot, what with Astronomy class and all. Though im not sleeping during my other classes any more which you should be happy to know.
    Iv not seen much of Zero or Kaname recently hope theyre keeping in tough with you as well but by the sound of it theres another person here whos part vampire so theres no need to worry about us 3.
    Oh and one more thing iv got a cat now shes so cute! Iv called her Luna cant wait for you to meet here.
    Hope to see you soon Love Yuki

    P.S. be nice to the owl i think shell be quite tired after flying all the way from here to Japan.

    With that Yuki tied the Letter onto the owls leg and said to it: "Take this to Professor Kaien Cross at Cross Academy in Japan and try to stay away from all the class E's on the way." She then watched the owl fly off into the distance.


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    Raven sat in the owlery for the longest time trying to come up with something that would convince his father not to send him a howler. It was very difficult and in the long run would probably be pointless, but he had to at least try. Taking out his quill he wrote the most polite and respectful letter he'd ever written. His face was in scowl the entire time. Quickly signing it he gave it to a docile owl and watched it fly away. He then went went down the stairs and out of the owlery.

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