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    Post by Guest on Fri 30 Jul 2010, 05:16

    Cass grabbed hold of the nearest Owl, around the neck.
    "Oh, crap, sorry," she said as she readjusted her hold. Instead, the owl was having none of it, and shrugged her off him, only to sit on her shoulder.
    "Right," she said blearily. "I need you to send me this. It needs to go to Uncle Bargy- or Ollivander. You know his shop in Diagon, right?"
    The owl- which by some strange coincidence was called Bradley, just like her frog at home- hooted loudly, making her ears ring, and echo around the owlery. Nibbling affectionally at her outstretched finger, he bit onto the heavy letter and took off into the sunrise.

    Cass looked at her scribbled, untidy version.
    Uncle Bargy. Things are good, I've only fallen out of a tree just the once, and volentarily fallen onto a ghost. So only one sprained ankle.
    Hows the business going without me? I know you've coped for ages without my dogs body, but I like to think you're walking aimlessly around the shop without me.
    Made a few friends, but I'm not sure where i fit in really. Not made any enemies yet, though. Which is good news.
    Most people are muggle born here, which is weird, apparantly this means there is an increase in non-magical families giving birth to wizards. Strange.
    Hufflepuff are in the lead on house points. We're third. Oh, I forgot to say- I'm in Ravenclaw! Just like you!

    The dinners are lovely, the teachers are funny and interesting, and discipline us- something I need. Things are fine. Let me know how things are.



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    Entering the Owlry, Indiana counted the number of owls that were present before giving each and every one of them a piece of bacon along with a letter until the box was empty. The letter to May was also included and Indiana placed a two-minute delay in between each individual owl that he fed and then sent out with a letter.

    After watching the owls with his letters leave, Indiana headed out of the Owlry to make another delivery.

    It was only half an hour later that Indiana returned, holding an origami crane, to find that a good number of the owls had returned and one of them had a letter along with a package from May.


    I don't know the type of person that would still be driving an obsolete model. The 105E Ford Anglia is an antique that is better off in a museum but I still managed to find copies of the specs and a manual for maintenance off the web, both of them are in the package. I guess you learned a quite a bit from watching Nonette and I do some vehicle maintenance but you shouldn't attempt any repairs on some of the more complex parts.

    Anyways, have fun and safety first.


    "Well, I guess this will be handy in caring for Elise." Indiana remarked as he left the Owlry.


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    Hilary wandered up to the owlery. She was getting concerned. She hadn't heard from her sister in quite a while. She was starting to wonder if something was going on back home. It wasn't like her sister not to write.

    She pulled out a quill and a scrap of parchment and quickly scribbled a message to Emma.

    Dear Emma,

    I'm writing because I haven't heard from you in a while. It's been a couple of weeks, and I'm starting to get worried. Is everything okay at home?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    She carefully tied the letter to the leg of one of the owls, and, giving it very specific instructions, she sent it out the window.


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    Cat stomped into the bird room as she had dubbed it, a scowl featuring prominently on her face. She was being childish, she knew she was, but that fact didn't help a bit. She couldn't ignore her aunt, despite the evil last letter from her. Her aunt barely knew her mother! Who did she think she was- lecturing her like that! Her legal guardian... a small voice nagged in the back of her head.

    Cat shook her head. Rodge had a point- and she followed Rodge's advice if no one else's. She flopped down against the wall with a huff and pulled out some parchment and her quill.

    "Dear Aunt Beatrice,

    "I apologise for my lack of correspondance over the past week or so. I have been busy with my studies. I am enjoying school and the new friendships that come with it.


    Cat's scowl deepened and she brusquely attached the letter to a school owl. It hooted and angrily and nipped her before taking off.

    "Sorry." She muttered sulkily before storming out. To jump in the lake or sit in the forest for a while- break some rules and get the adrenaline running. Or not. The corner of shame had been gathering dust- she did not want to be the one to clear it off.

    She sighed and rubbed her temples, pausing for a last wistful look at the hooting birds before she exited completely.


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    Biting her lip, Dixie walked into the Owlry, and found another owl, since Camilla was still on another trip. The snowy owl stared at her, and she stared back. Momentarily distracted, she stared back. Ten minutes later, her eyes were streaming, and the owl FINALLY blinked. Smiling in triumph, she read over her curt letter to the Apothecary.

    Dear Mr. Jennings,
    I would like to request a pint of your finest Acromantula Venom. This will be used as a gift to a friend of mine.
    Please write back, informing me of the price.
    My limit is one hundred Galleons.
    Thank you,


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    Harmony climbed up to the Owlery, intent of sending off her letter to her parents.

    Dear Mum and Dad,

    Alice loved all the gifts she got. She's coming home with us right? I'm sure she'd really like that. The others are fine of course. Well, Will got detention, but you needn't worry about that. He's a good kid. In fact, why don't we have all of them over? Lupin Manor is a big place, and I do get lonely there sometimes.

    Jen might come over as well. She's fun to hang out with, and I promise we aren't getting in trouble. I totally swear we aren't! I've met a lot of nice people, and hopefully they all just ride the train to Lupin Manor.


    All my love,


    Harmony attached the letter to the owl.

    "Lupin Manor," she said, sending it off.


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    Violet ha some free time and decided that it was time she sent her brothers a letter so far she had only sent one to her parents. She found her owl, Gizmo. She quickly worte down a letter to her brothers.

    Dear Euan and lewis

    Did you like your birthday present Euan I saw it in diagon alley and though of you what about sophe did she like hers? Hows the flying going Lewis? I wish I was there to help you but hogwarts is so much fun. I've made friends in my house as Alex was sorted into ravenclaw. I miss you guy's so much and I hope sophie is not being to annoying.

    Love Violet x

    Then tied it to Gizmo's Leg and sent her on her way before leaving the owlery to go to class.


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    "Shade! Please! Pretty Please! I will give you an extra packet of Owl treats! Swear!" Alex tried in vain to get her owl Shade ready to go, but apparently Shade thought that Alex had ignored her and only agreed to deliver the letter when Alex did get the Treats for her. Why do you have to be so much like me??? Alex thought as she tied the letter to Shade's leg.

    Dear Mom,

    Sorry I didn't write sooner its just that there is so MUCH to do! This school it ROCKS!!! First I did not have many friends but now that I have started going around a bit I found some really nice girls. You would be happy to know that the ratio of boys to girls is like 2:90, I pity the boys, really do! Like I am really sorry for not writing and for the short letter but I really have a lot to do! Sorry!

    Love ya and miss you alot (same goes for dad! and Andria)

    P.S Please give the Pegasus I attached to Andria, tell her I forgive her and Happy Birthday!( to her, not you!)

    She smiled as she saw her midnight black owl disappear with a badly wrapped package and a letter attached to it.


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    Dixie thought perhaps she should write to her brother, it had been a while. Fishing in her pocket for some parchment, she found a piece and quickly pulled out her bottle of ink and quill before beginning to scribble:

    Dearest Brother,
    This school is quite exceptional! I have made many allies and acquaintances that I'm sure will last for a lifetime. The lessons have made my head spin, though I'm learning so much! Have you not been taking care of my carrot garden? I note you haven't sent me a box in a week.

    Ignore the above message, that was just for mami and Steve.
    Dude, I'm having a blast! I'm so glad you are coming in three weeks!!!! I honestly cannot wait, you can play Quidditch with me and everything!
    Dixie Pixie Mixie

    Attaching the letter to Camillas foot, she watched the owl fly off.


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    Alex thought it was time to write to write to her parents again. So she went up to the owlery in search of her snowy owl snowball. As she entred the owl spotted her and swooped down and landed on the window ledge. She stroked her feathers before scribling down her letter.

    Dear Mum and Dad

    Hey sorry I haven't written in a while but i've been quite busy. I've made some friends in my house now and a girl in hufflepuff though Violet and I are still really good friends. How are Kyle and Emily? Tell Kyle I miss him and even though we don't get along I do miss Emily. Tell her I'm really sorry and I hope we cn forgive each other when I come home. I will write to her sometime next week.
    Love you and miss you all. How's Aunt Shirley? Has she had the baby yet? tell her I miss her too.
    Lots of love Alex xxx

    She tied the letter to snowballs leg and watched as the owl flew away from the castle.


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    Entering the owlery, Jasmeet sighed. She had been ignoring the owlery ever since she had received the letter from her mother a few weeks ago, but she couldn’t ignore it any longer. She needed to know how her mum was; even if that was the only thing, her mum was willing to tell her. Spotting her snowy owl, she walked towards him, her right hand in her pocket. Taking her hand out, she pulled out some seeds for the owl. He cocked his head, and began mumbling the food she had in her hand.

    From her robe pocket, she took out a quill and some parchment, and began to write, dreading every minute.

    Dear Mother,
    How are you? Haven’t heard from you in a long time, I’ve been missing you, but you already would know that. How have you been spending these last few weeks? I hope your alright, and that you don’t miss me too much.

    Jasmeet stopped writing, thinking of what to write next, or to write anything more. She put her quill back to the parchment, and continued,

    Hogwarts has been great; all my classes have been great. I just love my Herbology class, the teacher for the subject was changed, and he is a wonderful teacher. I made a lot more friends, some of them I’ve become really close to, others I’ve met through the classes.

    I guess that’s really all that’s happened in the past few weeks.

    Love you,

    Jasmeet was tempted to not send the letter, but her Gryffindor instinct hit in, and she quickly tied the letter to Jay’s leg. She saw as he took off, and flew into the distance.


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    Alex had thought about it and she knew that she should write the letter to Andria soon or else she might never be able to speak to her but.....forgiving was not in her nature, it was just so much easier to keep a grudge. but that sort of attitude was not healthy and Alex tried her hardest to battle it but eleven is still a shade too young to change her personality or was it the right age? Alex always wondered as she coaxed a school owl to come near her to deliver the letter. She absentmindedly tied the letter and set it off.

    Shade had still not returned.


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    Alex hurried up to the owlery and pulled out her reply to Emily. She quickly located snowball and managed to tempt him down with an owl treat without too much hassel. The snowy owl was not in the mood to sit still as she tied the letter on. Apparently he was excited that he was delievering a letter again. She really need to write to people more and he might be more willing to come down and calmer. Eventally she managed to attach the leeter to his foot and then she sent him on his way. She watched the owl disapear until it was a white smudge on a gradually darkaning sky.


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    Cat wandered into the bird room, wondering what she could tell Rodge. She slowly took out a quill and parchment, the feathered end becoming wet with her saliva. The small girl made a face and wiped it on her robes. She missed ball-point pens.


    "If anyone's a pot it's you Mr Morals.

    "More pies are enclosed. And I do realise it isn't age appropriate- I'm not COMPLETELY stupid. Why else would I have bought it in secret? Knees would not have approved.

    "So I took a couple of books. So what? They should know by now not to leave books OR annoying locked cupboards, chests and secret drawers around where I can find them. It's just asking for trouble. Besides, they look interesting and if they don't think I can find them, then they won't think I have them.

    "I wrote to Knees. Blergh. Shit Poo is gonna hit the fan.

    "Details? How much exactly?

    "Our head of house and charms Prof. left. Sad face. Enjoying the classes a LOT of a LOT.

    "Write soon!
    "Love, Caffeine
    "PS- There's a giant squid in the lake..."


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    Reina trudged up the owlry and sighed. She sat down on a bench and pulled out a piece of parchment and her quill. Her favorite owl, the starch white snowy one she had named "Alba", flew over and parched on her shoulder. She smiled and then turned back to her letter.


    I really miss you, Hogwarts just isn't the same without the antics of you, Will, and Rae. It's rather quiet here these days, as term winds down. I can't wait till next term, so I can try out for Quidditch. I want to be Keeper so badly, I've been practicing flying faster. So far my times are pretty deceit, of course the brooms are ready to splinter. My father promised me a proper broom for next term, we'll see.

    We've gotten several new professors since you left. Professor Ellis took over in Herbology, I think you'd like him. He's really cool, kinda of out there, but not like Professor Green. He's much more enthusiastic about teaching. We got to 'play' with Devil's Snare, and we grew Aconite flowers. Professor Williams had to leave, so he's also head of Ravenclaw house now.

    I haven't had much experience with the new DADA professor, Professor Olive. I don't know much about her so I can't really tell you much.

    Professor Malfoy took over Charms. He's....interesting. He's a rather...well...he's a character. In my opinion he's someone more qualified to teach at Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. You'd probably like him, or maybe you wouldn't.

    I wish you'd come back, Lawr.


    She folded the letter and handed it to Alba. "Take this to Lawrence Clay at Durmstrang." She whispered. Alba cooed and then flew out the open window.


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    Dixie hadn't written to her friends at home. How could she explain magic, and Hogwarts, back when she knew so little about it? There was only one person that knew of magic, from camp... Too bad he went to a school in America, but aside from that...
    Dixie sighed, and pushed her glasses up her nose, deciding to write a letter to Misael.

    OI!!! YOU!!
    Yes you.
    YES, you.
    Not in the mood.
    Anyways, how could you? You promised!! I wouldn't normally make such a big deal, but I feel very saddened. My life has no purpose now. You have committed the worst act of treachery.
    But I'll forgive you... Just remember to send me my carrot package next week! Please!
    Bomb voyage,

    Smiling a bit, she grabbed an owl nibbling on.... Actually, she didn't know WHAT it was. And she didn't want to know either.
    Tying the letter to it's foot, she watched it fly off.

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