Cat's Springboard



    Cat's Springboard

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    Catherine sat on the lovely branch that had served her so well firmly, scanning the lake with an eagle eye until she saw what she was looking for.

    There. Headed her way. A large flock of ducks, just paddling...

    She stood up and watched them with a mad, calculating glint in her eyes, one hand leaning against the tree. Just as the flock were about to pass under, she gave a small skip-step and jumped.

    There was a massive splash. The water certainly hadn't gotten any warmer, but that was not what Cat was concerned with. The duck she'd managed to grab was putting up quite a good fight. Floating wasn't exactly easy whilst wrestling with a bird either.

    Cat managed to get her outer robe off, treading water as she wrapped it around the duck. It was awkward, but she managed to paddle to the shore with her new companion. Standing proud, though shivering, the girl had a massive grin on her face as she held out her captive for her scrutiny.

    "Pierre I think." She said, "Though I really don't want to check that you are a boy." Cat looked at the indignant bird in her hands and began to laugh helplessly, almost doubled over.

    She rested the duck on the ground, securing him into her robe with a shoelace. "Right. Ducks eat waterweeds..."

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