Receiving a letter...



    Receiving a letter...

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    Cass saw Bradley, the mahogony tawny owl swoop high above and over the heads of the other mail owls. Her reply had come.
    She tore open her reply from Ollivander.

    Things are going quite badly. Apparantly the unicorn we've been using as unicorn hairs for the wands has escaped from the pen, or has been taken. We're a little worried, but apart from that, things are fine. We miss your chirping to the customers though.

    You better get some points for Ravenclaw, Cassopeia. Otherwise we will all disown you, the family house-elf included, if we had one.

    I'd better go, some kid's looking at a wand in the shop- it's all very curious. I think he's just levitated a chair into the air.

    We all love you.

    Uncle Bargy.

    Bargy, Bargy, Bargy.

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    Re: Receiving a letter...

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    Jasmeet walked up to the owlery. It had been past two weeks since she had sent a letter to her mother, but hadn’t got a reply back.

    Looking through all the owls around her, she didn’t see any signs of her snowy owl. Sighing, she decided to leave; but jut as she was about to walk away, a owl perched himself next to her on the headstone. She walked towards him, recognising the familiar owl.

    Seeing that Jay had a letter to his leg, she smiled before carefully untying it. Ripping up the envelope, she took out the letter and began to read.


    I didn’t know how to reply to you, what to say. The weather here has been bearable. However, I must say the house is quiet without you here. Your friends have been asking about you, so I’ve kept to the story.

    Well, I think I should send back your owl, he seems to be missing you. Study well and hard.


    Jasmeet finished reading the letter, and her eyes filled with tears. Pushing them back, she took out some seeds for Jay who happily began to eat,and began to walk out of the owlery; the letter still in her hand.


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    Stupid tiara and earrings, Will thought darkly as he made his way to the Owlry, a letter in his hand. It was technically Reina's letter that she left behind and they kept missing each other throughout school that he decided to just owl her it instead. It wasn't like he read it or anything.

    Just as he beckoned for a barn owl, a large black falcon swooped in, nearly taking his head off along with the tiara. He ducked.

    "What the dungbombs, you bloody bird!" Will glared at the falcon, who pompously perched itself on the highest beam, his talons clenching a meticulous looking letter. He did a double take at the bird.

    "Bloody hell---Midas?" It looked exactly like the falcon his grandmother had. Except that she never let him fly unless it was absolutely important. He paled.

    Cawing indignantly, Midas swooped over and dropped the letter on top of his tiara before taking flight again, all the owls looking back, annoyed by the stranger's strange entrance and exit.

    Will took the letter from his head and opened it, recognizing his grandmother's fluid handwriting.


    Never write such a rude response to a lady again. Especially your grandmother.
    (Will rolled his eyes.)

    I am surprised to hear that you knew of the arrangement so quickly. I was willing to wait until your fifth year before I would inform you of the possible candidates for marriage. Ms. Reina Black's family is not the only one who proposed.

    I highly recommend that you forget about it until you reach maturity. The only thing I expect from you now are perfect grades and a high discipline. If you still wonder, I have not chosen anyone for a proposal until the time comes. You are still young and I am no fool that an eleven year old boy would not resist to such an idea.

    I expect your next owl to be about school.

    Your grandmother.

    Will didn't know whether to be relieved or mortified that his grandmother signed it off as 'your grandmother' instead of the traditional full name she usually did. Something was up if she was sounding so cordial about it.

    Stuffing the letter into his pocket, he proceeded to send Reina's forgotten letter off.


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    Seeing as her brother promised to write back within days that she had written him a letter, Dixie decided to check the Owlry for Camilla. Entering the musty room, she flinched in surprise when she saw over two hundred pairs of eyes glinting at her, though a few rays of sunshine were still left. Looking to get of here quickly, Dixie called out "Oh Camilla, get over heeere!"
    A rustle was heard and suddenly an owl flew straight at her. Stopping in front of her, Camilla hopped onto a perch and hooted.
    Sighing, she carefully untied the letter from Camillas foot.
    Rolling her eyes at her brothers choice of My Little Pony themed paper, she unfolded her letter.

    AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Detention again, Pixie Stix? You must be completely out of whack-or have forgotten to take your pills...
    By the way, your carrot garden is blooming. Next owl, I'll send a boxfull. Do you want to know something interesting? Jordan moved into our neighborhood. Yes, I know about your little crush on him... I have ways.
    You should really find better places to hide your journal, under the window, behind that brick, between that wall isn't cutting it.
    Heh heh, way till I use your book to my advantage... Mami and Steve will now know who took that last cookie when we were five! VICTORY SHALL BE MINE.

    Narrowing her eyes, she honestly didn't like Jordan anyways, though he was a good friend.
    It was too bad she knew a lil something about Misael that was kept VERY secret... Heh heh.
    She tossed her owl a treat she found, and went off with her letter in her pocket.


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    Harmony smiled when the beautiful owl she sent off a while ago came back with two letters attached to it. She took them both, giving the owl a treat before it flew off it rest. It did deserve it after all. She decided to read the one from Madeline first.


    Il était si bon de recevoir des nouvelles de vous! Je sais que cela a été une longue période, mais Pierre et tu me manques de toute son âme. Je lui ai envoyé votre lettre et moi quand je rentre un de lui est quand je l'envoie. C'est un beau hibou que je dis. Appartient-il à votre école ? Oh! Oui, comment est Mozart? Je n'ai pas reçu des nouvelles de ce gars dans si longtemps! Il devrait partir pour nous visiter! J'attends la lettre suivante!


    Harmony sighed to herself. Of course, they wouldn't know about it. She'd have to tell them in the next letter. She put Madeline's to the side, and opened Pierre's.


    Comment est ma belle fille préférée? Haha. Je rigole avec vous! C'est le français venant de mon sang évidemment, mon ami! Comment sont vous et Mozart? Madeline s'est assurée que je reçois cette lettre et j'y réponds en ce moment! Je l'ai juste reçu aussi de l'oiseau de neige fou de Madeline. L'école ici est pas male, je suppose, mais sûrement il n'est rien comme le vôtre! Dites-moi-en autrefois quand vous venez pour visiter!


    Harmony pocketed the letters. She would reply to them later. Right now, she had a letter to her parents to write.


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    Hilary wandered up to the owlery. She had come up here almost every day, waiting to see if Emma had written her back. She was incredibly worried, as she had yet to hear anything, and it had been nearly three weeks.

    She glanced out the window, looking to see the owl she had sent her most recent letter with. Much to her surprise, she found the owl approaching the window. She let out a squeal of excitement as she removed the letter from the owl and ripped it open.


    I'm so sorry I didn't write you sooner. I know you've probably been worried sick for the past few weeks. Would it make a difference if I told you that I wanted to write, but wasn't able to?

    Don't get too worried. It wasn't anything big or horrible. At first, I was just really busy with school, and Grandma was visiting, so I was putting it off so I could tell you about her visit (I'll get back to that in a minute). And then I got sick. Nothing major, just a flu. But I didn't really feel up to doing too much. I had meant to write you while I was sick, but I was sleeping a lot, and the whole idea of time kind of got muddled. I wrote as soon as I realized how long it had been. I hope you aren't too mad.

    Grandma came because she was worried about me and Dad. She knew you were gone, and she didn't know how Dad was holding up, since everyone knows you're the one who holds the family together. She made Dad take some time off work, stay out of his office, and starting cooking and cleaning again. I think it helped. She's been gone a while, and he's still at it. And he smiles more. So I think we'll be fine until you come home again.

    So, tell me. What's been going on at Hogwarts? I hope that I get a letter when I'm old enough. Have you been getting into any more trouble?

    I really miss you, Hil. I wish your next break wasn't so far away. Please write soon. I promise that I won't take forever to reply next time.

    Lots of love,

    Hilary smiled as she read though the letter. She folded it carefully and stowed it in her pocket. She would reply later. She had lots to tell her sister.


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    Raven had gone to the owlery to send a letter off to Lawr as well as his mother. He was shocked when an owl suddenly flew at his face and wouldn't back off. Seeing a letter tied to the leg, he took it from the owl hoping it would back off. It retreated, and he breathed a bit easier. He glanced at the letter to see who he'd have to deliver the letter to and was surprised to see his name. He didn't usually receive mail.
    Sitting down, he opened it and blinked uncomprehendingly at it at first, before slowly reading it. It was from his mother. She hadn't written to him at all since coming to Hogwarts.

    Dear Raven,
    I thought it would be best if I told you before break or you heard the news from your father. I am sure he will be writing to you as well, so keep that in mind. It has been confirmed that your father's mistress is indeed with child. It is too early to tell if she bears a boy or girl. Either way, I have decided that we are no longer going to live in Bristol. When you come home for the holidays, we will pack up our home and move. I have not decided whether to move back to Essex or not. I will keep you informed.
    your mother.

    Folding the letter, Raven stood and numbly went out of the owlery.


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    Nice to hear that you’re having a good time, I guess my decision to let you go wasn’t a bad one. You keep asking how I’ve been spending my time and if I’m alright, and so I thought I’d answer. My time is being spent like any other widow. What can a widow do anyway in this time? I’m living through these days, just taking every single day, one at a time. What does this tell you about how I am?

    To a better note, I’ve been reading through the books on the Wizarding World that you left behind for me. I guess that a improvement in your eyes?


    Jasmeet finished reading the recent letter that Jay had brought for her. Was she supposed to think that her mum was improving or getting worse?

    As a tear escaped her eye, she walked out of the owlery.


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    Harmony smiled as a familiar owl flew down to her. It was the snowy owl that met her when she came up here time and time again. It wasn't hers of course, but the way it made it's way to her most of the time, it seemed that way.

    "Whatcha got, Neaki?" She asked as the owl landed on her arm.

    She decided to at least name it with a world that resembled ice, in her mind at least. It dropped a letter into her hand before flying up once more. She peered up at Neaki, before opening the letter from-she checked the writing-her parents.

    Dear Romy,

    Hi! This is Andrew! How's it going at Hogwarts? It's so cool that you get to go there! This letter is in my writing, well the first part is! Auntie Jillian says I'm learning quickly, and I have magic too! Do I get to visit you when I'm eleven too? Er...gotta go now! Love you!


    Harmony laughed at Andrew's green crayon letter. She found another letter behind it, and she pulled that one out.

    My Harmonious,

    How my girl has grown, yeah? This is your Dad, just in case, well you didn't know. Your mother is off taking care of your garden, though she's staying away from the Devil's Snare lookalike. She doesn't like those. Are you playing Quidditch yet? Well of course not since you are still a first year. Andrew wanted to say hi since Jillian and James came over. His letter went in first. How are your friends? Are you excelling in school?

    Also, I think your Aunt is writing a letter as well. It'll be put in here too. We can't wait to see you when term ends!


    Harmony cringed, thinking of what Aunt had sent her a letter. She grabbed the one behind her Dad's, grimacing as she did.


    How dare you try to order your mother around! We will do what WE think is best for you! I say! Your behavior is rather uncouth for the Lady of the Lupin House! Have you seen Jennifer around? You both had better not be hanging out with any of lesser blood! When you come home from term, we will be discussing your punishment!

    Aunt Marie

    Looking around, Harmony ripped up the letter from her Aunt. Bugger on her, and this nonsense about the Lady of Lupin House. Didn't Auntie know that Jen's half of the family was half-blood? Shaking her head, Harmony put away her letters, and bid a farewell to Neaki, before leaving the Owlery.


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    Dixie ran into the owlry, and looked around for Camilla. No sign of her. Sighing, Dixie pulled up a small stool, and tapped her foot impatiently on the floor. She loudly sang 'The Ninety nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall' song. Noticing another Ravenclaw student standing there, Dixie heard him sigh in obvious relief once she sang "Take one down, pass it around, no more bottles of beer on the wall!"
    Dixie couldn't resist.
    "Negative one bottles of beer on the wall...."
    She got to seven huddled and fifty two before a very annoyed Ravenclaw stormed from the Owlry.
    "Bye!" she called out after him.

    It had been two hours.... And still no Camilla.
    Darn it.


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    Cat leant out the window of the bird-room to see a rather bizarre sight. A small, brown owl was racing and divebombing a massive black one. And she knew that owl. Both those owls.

    Nimrod and the owl she used for Rodge.

    'Go little dude!' she screamed in her head, desperately wanting to see Mr Parkinson's owl at least pooped on, if not beaten.

    The two birds blew into the room still battling. Duke Nimrod nipped at the little owl and Cat jumped up and caught him, glaring angrily at the big, black bully.

    She pulled the letter off the little one, cradling him gently. Rodge's letter could wait. Cat placed the small bird in her inside pocket carefully. She turned to Nimrod and untied the letters, glaring at him. The one from her Aunt Bea first - she couldn't stomach Parky at that point.


    "Are you ok? Your last letter was a little stiff - I haven't done something have I? YOU haven't done something have you??? If I get a letter home from school...

    "Anyway. How's class? Have you learnt to fly yet? What's the library like? I want details dear.

    "We need to talk when you get home. It's important.
    "Aunt Beatrice"

    Now Mr P.


    "You are young, I do understand that, but there are some things that must be adhered to. Your Aunt worries about you, yet you give so little. Your parents would be rolling in their gra-"

    Cat's nostrils flared and she scrunched up the paper violently, throwing it across the room. "You don't know anything about my parents you bastard." she said angrily. She glared at Nimrod one last time before storming out, good mood definitely gone.


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    "Shade! What took you so long? I got worried!" a very frantic Alex asked her owl, Shade as the said owl finally returned. After a delay of two weeks.

    "Stop blabbering around and eat this!" she said to her over excited owl that kept flying around, tossing her some Owl Treats.

    Dear Alex!

    I am so happy you decided to let go of the grudges and give me another chance! I know how hard it must have been for you to let go. This year, I am getting a summer tutor and so are YOU!!!! I know, do NOT panic! We will kick him out in days! Our parents believe that we are missing too much of school. Why am I missing school? Because GUESS WHAT!!! I am getting admission into a boarding school in America! Just not your kind of school, but you know how much I LOVE the idea of being in a boarding school right?

    Besta luck for finals and Study well (I sound like my mom!)


    Love you more than choco-chip cookies!


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    Reina waited anxiously for the owl she knew was coming. Ever since the first note from her mother had arrived a few days ago, she had been in a fog. Her heart pounded in her chest, as she saw her mother's owl flying toward the open window. She entered and dropped the note into Rei's waiting hands. Her hands shook as she opened the letter.

    My dear Reina,

    Congratulations on acing Herbology and Defense against the Dark Arts. I know your other finals will go just as well. Your father and I are extremely proud of you.

    My little Raven, your father does not wish for you to know, but he knows you must. He is terminally sick, my Raven, the healers at St. Mungo's confirmed this today. He's not expected to live more then a few weeks at best. He hopes to live long enough to see Demetri married. Octavius and I have started making proper plans, but it is you that we must now turn our attention to.

    Reina Athena Valeria Eileena Nox, daughter of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, your father's wish is that you become Reina Black, you know this, but he wants you to make your own decisions, as such he is releasing you from any engagement contract that may occur. You are free, Reina, to make your own choices.

    I will send for you, should things take a turn for the worst before term ends. Otherwise, I will meet you at the train station in a week. Congratulations also to Ravenclaw for (almost) winning the House Cup. Rowena would be pleased.

    Your loving mother

    Reina crumbled up the note and began to weep bitterly, running out of the owlry.

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