Issue 1: The Hogwarts Owl



    Issue 1: The Hogwarts Owl

    Post by Guest on Sat 31 Jul 2010, 17:35

    14th July, 2030

    Yes, it's forbidden. And there has to be some consequences when you post there. Wink

    In the forbidden forest, there is no restriction on word count. Yes. One worded answers are okay.

    BUT IF YOU ARE UNLUCKY ENOUGH TO GET CAUGHT you might lose house points, galleons or inventory items. You will also get sent to the Hospital Wing and you have to post a 200 word drabble (yes I know, drabbles are 100 words. If you feel better about it, make two drabbles) about a creature you found in the forest.

    Monthly Awards

    • Student of the Month
    • Student of the Year
    • House Elf Award (to most helpful member)

    Posting Awards

    • Bronze Posting Award (for 1000 posts)
    • Silver Posting Award (for 3000 posts)
    • Gold Posting Award(for 5000 posts)
    • Platinum Posting Award *automatically become an animagus, regardless of year*(for 10,000 posts)
    • Order of Merlin; First Class (for 25,000 posts)

    Class Registration ends this Monday! Also, Diagon Alley is still open. You can still get your materials. So hurry!

    DO NOT DOUBLE POST. House points will be taken away if you ignore this rule.

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