A trip to Hagrid's Hut



    A trip to Hagrid's Hut

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    Jasmeet had just come from practicing her flying skills when she walked over to Hagrid's Hut. Outside his hut, she saw that it was covered with plants and pumpkins.

    She decided to investigate and kneeled down.

    Are yeah a firs' year?

    Jasmeet heard the voice. She stood up and turned around. Before her she saw a man that was twice as tall as an average man and nearly five times as wide. Her expression change from firstly surprise and then to a smile.

    "Yes, I'm a first year. My name is Jasmeet Kaur, what's yours?" she said nervously.

    Nice to meet yeah Jasmeet. Jus' call me Hagrid.

    Jasmeet smiled at him. From then on she and Hagrid started to talk about different things from his pumpkins to the Forbidden Forest; before she took his leave, chuckling to herself.

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