Letter of Complaints to Headmistress



    Letter of Complaints to Headmistress

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    Samantha coaxed one of the school owls off its perch and proceeded to attach a letter to its leg. She hoped it would reach safely and the owl wouldn’t find her long roll of parchment too heavy. She consoled herself with the fact that it only had a short way to go.

    Dear Headmistress,

    It is with great sorrow and indignation that I quill these words to you. Teachers, as you may know, should be fair in their treatment towards any student. However, this has not been the case lately. A primary example of this would be Professor Hunt’s latest actions.

    Recently, myself and Reina Nox of Ravenclaw requested a duel which professor Hunt was supposed to be supervising Here are the blow by blow details of the duel:

    1. Reina took out her wand and walked toward Samantha. She knew Sam had won against Raven, so she had to remember to be correct and to be on her guard. She wasn't expecting her to be as aggressive as Will was, but she still couldn't let anything surprise her. She bowed to Sam. "Good luck." She whispered, walking back to take her proper place.

    "Expelliarmus!" She yelled at the first possible second, not wasting any time getting the duel started.

    2. Samantha bowed and wished her opponent luck as well before taking a stance opposite. She had watched the girl fight Will and admired her Muggle dueling. She herself had no such tricks up her sleeve and she hoped she wouldn’t have to resort to something like that.

    Predictably, the girl started off with a disarming jinx. The Slytherin noted Reina tended to yell out her spells.

    Sending an Expelliarmus of her own to cancel the Ravenclaw’s spell, the girl quickly muttered a Protego around her own person.

    3. Reina side stepped Samantha's counter curse, smirking. She noticed Sam didn't speak her spells very loudly, and tended to seem reserved. She pointed her wand toward Samantha. "Accio," In a smooth movement she thrust her arm behind her, "books!" She sent a stack of books flying toward Samantha. As they flew the dark haired girl rushed into a baseball slide to try and catch the Slytherin off guard.

    4. Thank Salazar Samantha had had the foresight to cast a shield in advance so the books didn’t make contact. They just collided with her shield and neatly stacked themselves two feel in front of her. The girl grimed.

    “Expelliarmus,” she whispered with her wand pointed at the books. Studying and experimenting had shown that one of the spells functions was to shove. Accordingly, the books went flying to meet the Ravenclaw witch who was skidding her way.

    5. Reina groaned, watching the books fly at her. She flipped out of the way, grabbing her wand. "Protego!" She landed on the ground, wand drawn in front of her, as the remaining books bounced off her shield. She dropped quickly to one knee, picking up a book in front of her. She threw at Sam as hard as she could. "Everte Statum!" She whispered the book left her hand.

    6. Samantha couldn’t help the horrified gasp that escaped her. Was this Ravenclaw really manhandling a book like that? Samantha herself flinched at the book being treated so awfully.

    “Wingardium Leviosa,” she muttered hurriedly towards the book, making it fly in front of her and absorb the girl’s spell. A moment later, the book hung safely in the air, albeit upside down.

    “Can we please not use books like that?” she asked the Ravenclaw timidly.

    7. Reina raised an eyebrow. Did Sam not realize how durable wizarding books were? "Sam, some of these books you could light on fire and it wouldn't hurt them. How in the world did you think the original books from medieval wizards are still around, and some in our very library?" She shook her head, walking over and plucking the book out of the air. "Here." She held it out to Sam.

    8. Samantha wanted to point out that some books were indeed charmed for safe keeping but how did the girl know these were the ones but decided to let it go.

    Taking the book with her left hand, she took the opportunity of having Reina in close range. Lifting her wand arm silently behind the book, she all but whispered:

    “Petrificus Totalus.”

    9. Reina smirked, Sam had taken the bait. As she took the book Reina raised her wand ever slightly, whispering "Petrificus Totalus." At the same moment she noticed Sam also whispering the spell, and pulled back immediately as their spells collided with each other. "Ugh." Reina gripped her wand with both hands, sliding into a deep stance to keep force behind her spell. She cleared her mind and focused on her spell, taking a forceful step foward.

    10. Samantha should have expected the other witch to aim for the same opening she herself had been. It was pretty obvious, after all. She watched for a moment as Reina struggled to hold the spell in vain. Two spells cast by any wizard of witch of near equal power always cancelled each other out.

    Sure enough, both spells collided and disappeared in a show of sparks.

    Evaluating her surroundings, she noticed a huge bookcase right behind the Ravenclaw. No, too big. A chair? No, not strong enough. Settling on a desk that would have to zoom at her straight, Samantha pointed her wand at it and muttered “Accio.”

    The desk flew straight towards the Ravenclaw blocking its path to its summoner.

    11. Reina's eyes followed the desk carefully. She shook her head, sinking down to the ground, before sprinting toward the desk. She jumped unto the air as she met the desk, using the desk to kick off and send herself diving for Samantha. "Locomotor Mortis!" She yelled, heading straight for Sam.

    12. Samantha gaped at the almost super human feat Reina had just accomplished. To be able to match the speed of a summoned object and use it to kick off into an opposing direction… it happened almost too quick or the eye to see and Samantha had no time to react.

    Fortunately, the desk was still determined to make it to its caller despite being used as a springboard on its way and it flew towards the Slytherin, acting as a shield for the girl and keeping her safe from both the Ravenclaw and her spell now hurtling Samantha’s way.

    At move number twelve, I saw fit to owl professor Hunt and ask her if Miss Nox was Godmodelling and if was allowed in a duel. I - only being eleven and not at all competent at Muggle duelling – was shocked to see such speed and agility from a witch my own age. This is how the owls between myself and Professor Hunt unfolded:

    Me: Duel 16, post 12. At least I think it is. Could you check, please? (Owl titled Godmodelling)

    Hunt: What part of it would you consider it GM?

    Me: The part where an eleven year old witch can not only match the speed of a summoned object but uses it as a springboard. Such agility seems close to super human, no? The books tell us that summoned objects travel pretty fast no? If we could match their speed, why would we summon them and not just go get them manually?

    Hunt: And you consider this godmodding and not overdramatic super abilities?

    Me: Whatever it is, should it still be allowed in a duels between first years?

    After this, Professor Hunt owled me to assure the matter had been taken care of. Sadly, the way she chose to do it is the reason I now write to you. This is what she commented as she canceled the duel:

    Hunt: This duel has been CANCELLED. You are not superhuman, as we have constantly had to remind students. Godmodding: When one controls the actions of another player. First Years: How in the world are you lifting DESKS with your magic? Especially in the middle of a duel where it can be taxing.

    I repeat. This duel is no longer going to continue.

    Many things are apparent from her response here (besides the fact that her grammar skills leave a lot to be desired) such as her lack of attention to sequence and her blatant bias against myself who reported the Godmodelling in the first place. She also complained about me being able to lift desks and failed to remember that people have lifted bookcases previously in duels. It would seem she has even lesser knowledge about the summoning charm than the charms professor.

    Also, entirely coincidentally, this happened a little bit after I submitted a homework entry that was too good and might overshadow other student’s entry as said by Professor Hunt. The homework idea itself was filched from the Potion Mistress and left such a narrow margin for anyone not skilled with a computer that students are still having trouble with it. Perhaps she should have consulted Professor Green or Ellis on how to set homework but that is neither here nor there.

    So, to conclude my tale of vow, Professor Hunt displayed a lot of qualities not befitting those of a Hogwarts Professor. This is an extremely prestigious school and such behavior – I trust – will not be tolerated. I turn to you in the hopes that you will be able to set the matter right. Hogwarts is as much your pride as it is ours and I on my part have always tried my best to live up to the standards of being a student here. Uncreative, unintelligent, biased and unknowledgeable individuals should have no place of authority at a school like this.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Samantha Jade Quill

    Before sending it off, she did something she had never done before to a letter. She attached the family seal (one her aunt used only for official business) to the roll of parchment. The simple insignia of a quill charming a rather elaborate “Q” on a book.

    The young witch made her way to the window and gave the owl a gentle push, telling it to take off. She watched from her post as the handsome bird made its way to the Headmistress’ window.

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