Issue 3: The Hogwarts Owl



    Issue 3: The Hogwarts Owl

    Post by Guest on Sat 14 Aug 2010, 16:00

    Friday the 13th! 2030

    We have a new rule at Hogwarts Portus! It reads:

    All complaints about staff, teachers, or other members must either be made to their Head of House or the Headmistress ONLY. Failure to do so will result in an official warning and could lead to being banned.

    Le gasp! Banning is bad. Unless you're a Ravenclaw... because there are just too many of those. I kid. Razz

    Professor Williams (Head of Ravenclaw and Charms Professor) and Professor Hunt (DADA Professor) have retired due to responsibilities at home with their families. You can still find Professor Williams at Diagon Alley however.

    Previously, Professor Oliver Green had resigned due to wanting to be closer to his gardens and away from students.

    That means four positions became open and we searched everywhere in Britain for the best and brightest. We found Mr. Zacharias Ellis to take over Herbology. After Professor Williams retired, Zacharias (although a Slytherin alumni) is now the new Head of Ravenclaw.

    Tristyn Malfoy has become the new Charms Professor while Elexis Olive is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor.

    We have a feeling they will fit right in. Wink

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