Left Bell Tower



    Left Bell Tower

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    Indiana was journeying up the left Bell Tower before catching sight of a certain caretaker and his cat familiar. Unfortunately, that certain caretaker and his cat spotted him such that the youth stiffened while his eyes narrowed.

    "Well, what do we have here?"
    Argus Filch sneered amid catching sight of Indiana.

    "Just great." Indiana remarked sharply before quickly retreating with Filch and Mrs. Norris in hot pursuit. But age had made both of them slow and by the time they turned a corner, Indiana had vanished.

    "Let's keep lookin'! He couldn't have gone far." Filch snarled before he and Mrs. Norris went on the prowl for the elusive Hufflepuff.

    Having used an old technique to stick to the upper corner end where the upper walls and the ceiling meet, Indiana watched the caretaker and his feline familiar disappear before slowly landing back on the ground and resuming his path up the tower.

    Nearing one of the higher levels, Indiana entered a large chamber with huge bells around the interior and found a balcony that gave him a view of the Right Bell Tower.

    "He went up this way?" a gruff voice echoed in the corridors.

    'Oh hell!' Indiana thought, knowing that Filch and Mrs. Norris were closing in on his location. Looking over the balcony, the youth caught sight of another balcony about fifteen feet underneath the one he was on.

    Looking around, the youth found some rope before taking one end and tying it around a column with a makeshift knot before tossing the other end down to the second balcony.

    Filch's footsteps were approaching closer and closer.

    Taking a deep breath, Indiana grabbed hold of the rope before scaling down the balcony just as the door to the bell chamber opened. The youth slid a bit fast before landing on the lower balcony before running back into the tower and down the stairs, leaving a disgruntled and angry caretaker and his feline familiar behind in the upper levels of the Bell Tower.

    "Well, that was invigorating." Indiana remarked as he headed out of the left Bell Tower and out of sight.

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